The only Magic show where all the tricks are actually real magic!!!

Haven't you ever wanted to see real magic, instead of all the fake magicians out there who only perform magic "tricks"? You know they are just tricking you right? Might as well give me your debit card so I can throw it into a wishing well that is filled to the brim with ACID!!! And not just the easy to deal with acid like lemonaid and vineger, but the harder to deal with stuff. I just bought some battery acid! Tell me again how much you like fake magic!

But this magician... the real deal. Hold the phone, do you hear that? Oh look it's a dove! How did that get in here when I had the door closed and it's winter time? Oh look, it's the real magician. Well that explains it. You see the real magician can get a bird into your bedroom without tricking you. He can get ANYTHING into your bedroom without tricking you. You don't even have to be watching...

This is a show you SHOULD be watching!

Some times when I come out of the shower there is a lot of mist in the air. You know, steam? I look into the mirror but I can't see myself. However, when I come back into the washroom ten minutes later I can see myself clearly. Things had become ILLUMINATED. You should prepare to have things ILLUMINATED as well when you come to see this show, or any of the others this website refers you to!

Are you still here?

Then obviously you haven't learned how to make yourself disappear into thin air or the steam from your humidifier. The real magician can do that, and more. He can even disappear into a smoke screen with smoke smoke that is very harsh on the lungs and full of carcinogens. That is not easy feat!